Will Creatine Make Me Fat?

Will Creatine Make Me Fat?

This question frequently haunts most of the bodybuilders. Does the use of creatine make one really fat? The answer is NO. You will know the reasons by the time you come at the end of the article. Your most wanted question will go easy way.

What is Creatine?

Creatine is one of the most effective weight gain supplements. It is a natural substance found in our body. It is a fuel provider to the muscles during the exercises. During the exercises, the exhausted muscle tissues need more creatine that the body can’t supply.

The naturally produced creatine is not sufficient to meet the total demand. So, finding it in food becomes necessary. Meat is a great source of it as it helps the body to create amino acids. But, the intense exercise needs huge amount of creatine that can’t be compensated in this way. Only diet supplements can fuel the muscle contraction. Which is why, creatine is the best choice of most of the body builders and the sportsman

Creatine doesn’t Make you Fat

Most of the bodybuilders are worried about the question if creatine increases weight. Absolutely not. Rather, the use of it brings positive effects on people who undergo rigorous physical training and involve in sports. Check the benefits of the supplement:

  • Helps growing muscle strength
  • Helps increasing workout intensity
  • Helps improving muscle contraction
  • Helps gaining muscular strength
  • Helps increasing metabolic rate

So, the benefits of consuming creatine are big, really very big! And you are now already aware of the benefits of this supplement for building muscle. But the question that remains to be answered is about the fact that if it makes you fat.

Creatine Increases Muscle Weight not Fat Weight

The consumption of creatine during the workouts will lead to increase muscle weight. The body is hardened, and the body builders gradually gain weight of the muscles. With the gaining of muscles, you can gain weight. Some people nurture the idea that stopping of creatine consumption will lead to muscle loss. But, it is wrong. You will be able to maintain the muscle strength and muscle mass till you carry on lifting. If you trying to lose weight so you have to steer close to fattening foods.

Does the Product Produce the Feelings of Bloating?

Although bloating is, to some extent true, yet it is not as serious as it might be thought. What is needed is to intake sufficient water. With the increase of creatine level in the muscle mass, the water volume is also increased. The big muscles retain huge water, so you need to drink plenty of it. Or else it will lead to bloating.

More About the Use of Creatine

While using the supplement, you should be more careful about the dosing timetable and the workout schedule that will help you to build muscle and perform better. Never take the supplement as a weight loss remedy. It helps you to construct your muscles during the workouts and when you construct muscles, it burns up fat.

Bottom Line

Creatine brings weight gain. It is right. But, it gives bodybuilders gain weight what they actually want to gain. They aim at lean and firm muscle mass, as well as overall strength.

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