Why a Poker Table Topper is a Great Gift

Christmas is just around the corner, and with it comes the pressure of finding the perfect gift for the man in your life.

A poker table topper can seem at first to be a pretty generic “man gift” — the sort of thing brothers gives each other when they’re out of ideas. It’s an understandable impression and in many cases undoubtedly an accurate one. But the truth is that if you actually have someone in your life who enjoys poker — really enjoys it — a table topper actually makes for an awesome accessory. Also, poker is very much in fashion right now; the World Series of Poker event in Las Vegas is just winding up, and relaxed online poker laws mean US citizens can play on their computers in some states. Still, there’s nothing like getting a few buddies around for an evening playing poker, and a table topper is perfect for making the night complete.

In support of this generally underrated gift idea, we’re going to cover a few reasons why that’s the case.

The Felt Rules

Poker tables tend to be topped with felt surfaces for a reason: It makes the game a lot smoother. Try dealing cards on a smooth wooden table and at some point, one’s going to shoot right off the edge. Do it on a coarser marble surface and cards will stick awkwardly. Felt is simply the best option for poker, and really for any card game for that matter. Just about all available table toppers are made either with felt or a close imitation of it, which means they can legitimately enhance gameplay. They need to be kept clean, but this isn’t a huge issue and it’s ultimately well worth it.

Portability is Great

A lot of true poker enthusiasts will have more permanent tables in their homes — in bonus rooms, dens, and so on. This is certainly a good option for anyone who regularly hosts games, but it’s also not the most practical one. A permanent poker takes up a lot of space and, naturally, can’t be easily moved. A table topper on the other hand solves two problems. It can be packed away whenever needed so that it doesn’t take up space at home. And it can be taken elsewhere so that the owner doesn’t always have to play host. The portability of a table topper for a regular player is just a huge bonus.

Table Toppers Are Outlined for Gameplay

It’s a simple point, but table toppers are, like more high-end poker tables, outlined for gameplay — which is just a nice touch for anyone who loves the game. While designs vary to some extent, most standard table-toppers will have spaces outlined for player cards, communal cards, chip stacks in play, and sometimes even drinks. You might even find a poker hand ranking chart on there, for the players in your life who don’t understand the rule; the best ones to get around for a poker night! Experienced players don’t need these outlines to play, but they still make a game feel a bit more professional and high-class.

Poker is Best with a Cocktail

We mentioned drink outlines on tables, but a lot of the better toppers will also have built-in drink holders alongside the aforementioned places for chips. It’s a small perk, but poker is best with a cocktail, and being able to keep one in a handy, plastic drink holder keeps players from getting condensation on the table felt (or having to mess with coasters).

So, not a bad gift for a poker enthusiast, right? Plenty of people get a ton of use out of these simple but handy game accessories. Whether you’re in the market for a gift for Dad this Christmas, you’re hunting for the right choice for your sibling’s birthday, or you have any other occasion to get a gift for a poker fan, this is one idea to definitely keep in mind.

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