What Do Smokers Mean When They Say ‘The Best’ Vapor Cigarette?

There are lots of vapor cigarettes, electric cigarettes, battery-operated cigarettes, and others on the market these days. Are they all the same? Absolutely not. What separates them? Price; flavors; appearance; availability and many more that you might not know!

Even Better Than The Real Thing?

Personally, I wouldn’t know but I’m told that enjoying a vapor cigarette (or whatever you prefer to refer to it as) can be not only as enjoyable as the real thing but even somewhat more so. Whether the reason behind that is the pleasant taste or the fact that your conscience can be clear remains to be seen; and is in fact probably left to personal choice. Then again maybe it’s a simple combination of both.

You’ve got this great little mechanism in your hand; you can drag off of it as deeply as you used to with your old fashioned, cancer-causing cigarettes; there is the most wonderful hint of your chosen flavor; you can ‘smoke’ as many as you want without worrying about those around you; it even looks and feels like the real thing. What could possibly be better than that? Did I mention that you can get several different sized dosages of nicotine applied to your vapor cigarette as needed/wanted? Well, you can. Now… What could be better?

What’s The Best?

I’ll have Coca-Cola please – and no I’m not talking about the drink. Some people consider the matter of flavor choices when determining what they feel is the best vapor cigarette. Coca-Cola is only one in a plethora of fabulous flavors. You can get the good old fashioned tobacco flavor if you choose or you can experiment a little with flavors like the previously mentioned Coca-Cola, apple, melon, cherry, vanilla, chocolate, coffee, mint; and if you want to get away from the tobacco taste but you still like your menthol – you can have that, too.

I’ve never found the taste of tobacco to be exceptionally appealing, but I have been known to partake in a cigar now and then; albeit a flavored cigar. I’m partial to wood-tipped, wine flavored, chocolate or vanilla. If I were worried about inhaling, which I don’t do, I can imagine few things more pleasant than partaking in a vapor cigarette with my chosen flavor. Personally, I don’t feel that I puff on enough cigars to worry about cancer but it would be interesting if someone came out with a vapor cigar. I might actually consider giving those a try. I’m quite sure that it’s only a matter of time.

Does Price Matter?

Are you kidding? In this economy when does the price not matter? Unless I suppose you’re desperate enough to lessen the carcinogens entering your system and don’t care what you pay in order to do it. Any port in a storm – so to speak. Or of course, if you have unlimited funds; I suppose that would be a great reason to buy the most expensive, amazing vapor cigarettes known to mankind.

Starter kits can run somewhere in the vicinity of $160 down to as little as $100 less than that. They really don’t differ very much though some do offer disposable brands, but disposable brands will more likely cost an entirely different price. You would best be served by researching the brands themselves to see just exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Some of the more realistic brands of vapor cigarettes light up at the tip when you inhale but all in all, they look relatively the same, taste relatively the same, and work in relatively the same way. The disposable type does come in handy for those who simply aren’t sure if this is the route they would like to take. You can test them out first with the disposable type and make your decision from there, if you so choose.

Don’t expect to find an FDA-approved label on these vapor cigarettes yet however – not that it matters to many of us – the FDA doesn’t seem to be able to get their heads around the usefulness of vapor cigarettes on the whole. They seem to want to confuse vapor cigarettes with physician prescribed drugs/prescriptions. Why on earth would you need a physician to prescribe vapor cigarettes whether you do or do not wish to quit smoking? The fact that different levels of nicotine are available in these faux cigarettes might have something to do with it. Then again, the FDA doesn’t need a reason – they’re the FDA, isn’t it?

I am interested to share my thoughts on the new and trendy happenings in the lifestyle niche so right now, my fascination is affixed on looking through e-cigarette reviews to learn more about them!

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