Various Ways to Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening Kits

There are various ways to maintain your oral care and one of the popular ways is to go for teeth whitening at home by purchasing the teeth whitening kit. This is one of the simple and cost effective ways to boost your fantastic smile. These teeth whitening kits are available in various brands and methods and it isn’t that very difficult to choose one, as all these products are mostly safe and can provide better results. Teeth whitening strips and teeth whitening gels are available in the market and to choose the best thing among the two, you need to decide it based on the cost and the availability of time that you could spare to make your teeth bright.

The strips are easy to do and is less time consuming, as you need to apply them just at any time you like, but strips cannot whitening the spots that it cannot reach like the gels and liquids. On the other hand the gels are much time consuming, as you need to take the mouthpiece, take proper measurements and apply the right amount of gel that needs to be applied. This isn’t much messy and both can give effective results, whereas both have their own pros and cons.

These kits can be directly brought from stores or you can get them from your dentists, there are various kits that come in different prices. These kits have trays or mouth piece that need to be measured or custom fit that can fit any size of mouth. These custom fit ones are usually costlier but worth it, if you do not have much time. Some of the major advantages of using these types of home kits are that you can easily afford one as the lowest one costs around $20, and is very convenient as you needn’t wait at your dentist’s door for your turn to come, it takes less time to do things at home and are very comfortable too.

They are easy to apply and can be done by anyone by just following the instructions on it, additionally these kits are safe and are mild for anyone to use. At the same time there are various cons that come along with this type of kits, as certain stains are very stubborn and cannot be cleared at home, and can be treated only with the help of a professional. Some of the molds come in a common size, which cannot be fitted to everyone and it will just be a waste of money if you buy one such kit.

These strips and gels may not be suitable for those with sensitive teeth and gums, which will lead to gum pain or soreness. One of the major disadvantages is that, you cannot expect a professional whitening effect from a home kit; the results depend upon the brand and product used. As there is always a difference in the work done by a professional, which cannot be expected from a simple cost effective kit.

Professional Teeth Whitening Method

Professional teeth whitening procedure usually result in whiter teeth in a short time and it’s because it is done under a professional supervision and care. Though this method offers optimum results when compared to other methods, they are costlier and yet becoming very popular among people as they are becoming very cautious about beauty. In order to get a professional help you need to spare time for it and get a dentist appointment and wait at his office during that time.

Usually professional teeth whitening is done by polishing the teeth with pumice to remove the plague, a hard yellow coating from the surface of the teeth, then your mouth will be separated with a gauze to maintain the teeth dry during the entire process for better processing. A retractor is used to keep the cheeks apart along with the lips to stay apart from the cleaning liquid.

A whitening solution is applied over the front surface of the entire teeth, and the solution used will be either hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide solution where both these agents acts as a bleaching agent on the teeth. A curing light is used to produce heat to the solution so that the peroxide effects gets activated and it works as expected. This solution coating is left over the teeth for over half an hour to one hour based on the condition of the plague and the type of brand used. If there is still some stain left the time is extended, once the required brightness level is reached the teeth are rinsed with water.

Few people may be sensitive to certain applications and to avoid such soreness and sensitivity related problems, a fluoride application is done at last. Care needs to be taken for a day after the treatment is done, in order to avoid immediate staining foods that contain caffeine content, wine, tobacco, tomato juice should be avoided. These precautionary measures will just help in the action being complete without interfering with the whitening process. The cost of the professional teeth whitening process may cost around $300 to $900 depending upon the type of brand, experience of the dentist and how big center you choose to get the process done.

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