How to Use Hotel Coupons & Promo Codes to Save Money

Hotel coupons & promo codes are a great way to save money on your next trip. These perks can be beneficial when booking a last-minute hotel stay or during a special event.

Loyalty programs can also be an excellent way to save on hotels. These programs offer discounts and free nights, which can add up quickly.

Check Multiple Booking Sites

When it comes to booking a hotel, there are a lot of options. Online travel agencies (OTAs), hotel websites like, and aggregators can all offer different prices. Trying to figure out which one is cheaper can be confusing, but finding the right site is essential.

A good start is checking your credit card’s travel rewards portal for hotel deals. This is especially helpful for premium credit cards that allow you to use your points to book travel on their portal.

Another great tool is Google Hotel Search, which allows you to compare multiple hotel and vacation rental sites simultaneously. You can filter your results by guest rating, star rating, amenities, and more. The platform is simple to use and offers a price slider that helps you find the best deals for your stay.

Google Hotel Search can save you time and effort in finding the best hotel deal for your next trip. It’s one of the most accessible tools and can help you narrow your options to find suitable accommodation for your needs and budget.

Its primary disadvantage is that it needs to provide a way to see what taxes and fees are associated with the price it shows you. However, it is worth a try because it can sometimes lead to cheaper hotel rates than the top sites.

Bundle Your Travel Costs

Travel bundles can save you money on flights, hotels, and rental cars. They can also make it easier to book your entire trip in one place and save you the hassle of dealing with different sites.

Packages typically offer lower airfares than booking them separately, and they may even include perks such as airport transfers. They are also an excellent way to avoid paying baggage fees and enjoy the convenience of having a dedicated travel agent to help you navigate your destination.

You can find many packages on the Internet, but it’s best to check out a few before you make your decision. Some travel companies have dedicated websites where you can find these deals, but you can also use a meta-search site to compare prices from several travel providers.

Another cool thing about these bundled deals is that they usually have special features, such as free WiFi or parking at the hotel. These are great if you’re staying at a budget property or are bringing a family with you, and they can be a real game changer for travelers who need to keep on top of their spending while they’re away.

When picking the best travel bundle, remember to look for a package that includes things you want, not just what the company promises. The most crucial point is to get a deal to make your trip enjoyable.

Book Directly With the Hotel

While it may seem counterintuitive to book directly with the hotel instead of through a third-party booking site, it can save you money. Hotels often offer special rates for direct bookings and may even match or beat rates advertised on OTAs. In addition, they may offer additional perks like complimentary breakfast or WiFi when you book through the hotel’s website.

However, it would help if you compare the rate offered by the hotel with that on a third-party site after taxes and fees are included. Some sites may also charge a booking fee that can negate any savings you achieve.

Using a credit card that offers travel rewards is another good option for saving money when booking hotels. These cards typically offer 1.5% cash back or points, which can add up to a significant amount of money over time.

It’s also worth noting that hotel chains do a great job of marketing their loyalty programs and offering “Member Exclusive Rates” and “Best Rate Guarantees” to members. These rates are only available for members and will often only be provided to those who book directly through the hotel’s website or app.

If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s well worth the extra dollars to book directly with a hotel for its loyalty perks and benefits. This can include staying credits and points that you can use towards status-level requirements.

Sign Up for a Credit Card

A hotel credit card is a great way to save on travel costs. These cards offer perks like free nights and access to elite status. They also often provide a substantial sign-up bonus.

These cards also offer a variety of ways to earn points and redeem them for hotel stays. They can come in co-branded cards associated with a specific hotel chain or general travel rewards cards that reward spending on many airline and hotel brands.

In addition to being a good value for frequent travelers, hotel cards can boost your credit score if you meet the minimum spending requirements and use them responsibly. To qualify for these cards, you’ll need a credit score of at least 670, or “Good,”.

compared the best hotel cards based on initial rewards bonuses, ongoing earning rates, cardholder perks, and fees. An excellent choice for frequent travelers looking to save money on travel expenses.

This card offers a welcome offer of 80,000 points after you spend $1,000 on eligible purchases in the first six months. You’ll also earn 10 miles per dollar on hotels and rental cars booked, plus five miles on flights booked directly with airlines. The annual fee is $395, but the benefits you get with this card more than cover the cost.

Avoid Last-Minute Deals

If you want to save money on your hotel stays, there are several ways to do so. One of the easiest ways is to use hotel coupons and promo codes to book your stay at a discounted rate. You can find them in many places online, so check them to see which ones work for you.

Another way to save on last-minute hotel bookings is to book a room early. This can be done using a website that partners with hotels to fill empty spaces at a lower price.

The company also allows travelers to book a room up to one to four days before their planned check-in date. This can save travelers a lot of money, especially if they are willing to live on the edge and be flexible with their travel dates.

It’s also a good idea to try out new hotels, particularly those that need a name brand to compete with. They’re often eager to please new customers and offer great deals.

The best part is that these hotels usually have excellent reviews from their guests. This is an easy way to find a hotel you’ll love, and you’ll have the option of saving even more with a last-minute deal.

Check Out Cashback Sites

Cash back sites allow you to earn a percentage of your online purchases back at a later date. They can be a great way to save money on your travel expenses.

The best cashback sites offer a variety of money-saving tools, including price tracking, price comparisons, and even coupons. They also provide an easy way to track your savings and ensure you get the best deal on your online shopping.

These sites usually partner with retailers, which means you can find deals on everything from grocery items to clothes. They also often give you an extra incentive for signing up, like a referral bonus or other earning opportunities.

If you’re looking to maximize your savings, stack these rewards with other types of discounts or coupons. This will help you to get the most cash back possible for every purchase.

Using a cashback site or app is free and can be very simple. Just install a cashback browser extension or use a place with a mobile app, and you’ll be on your way to saving big!

Another benefit of these apps is that they constantly update their offers and prices. This can be especially helpful if you’re traveling for business or are trying to save money on vacations.

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