Fire Pits – Outdoor, Propane and Gas Fire Pit

Having fire pits installed in homes not only acts as a heat and light source, but also adds to the aesthetics of the home. Generally fire pits plans are made along with the base construction plan and a specific place is reserved based on where you want to install the fire pit, be it the patio or backyard. With homes reducing in size, the fire pits are being carried indoors and to match with the décor and furniture; you have a wide selection of fire pits that come in casts or you can order such that they suit your rooms. With the fire pits moving indoors and the substitution of the conventional coal fire pits with gas fire pits, the propane gas fire pit is most commonly found in homes.

Here is a list of some of the popular models of fire pits that can add to the looks of your home.

1. Strathwood St. Thomas Cast Aluminum Fire Pit With Table

This exquisitely vine motif carved rounded table doubles up as a fire pit. The copper pit in the center is covered with a mesh that prevents the embers from flying out.  The table is all weather resistant and while out on sunny days in the patio, the light passing through the carved motifs leave a wonderful impression on the floor. The fire bowl at the center of the table is bright copper in color and measures 22 inches x 7 inches with a black metal grate right at the bottom. It is lightweight, durable and made of rust resistant aluminum which has been given a powder finish. This exquisite table with inbuilt fire pit is sure to be an eye catching piece of furniture in your home.

2. Uniflame WAD820SP Slate and Marble Fire Pit

This is one of the most aesthetic pieces of furniture that adds glitz to your urban home. It is apt for the patio or garden or deck and is made of slate and marble with copper accents and wrought iron stands. A huge 22 inch black porcelain fire bowl makes it ideal to be used outdoors on chilly evenings. It conforms to safety requirements and enjoys a one year limited warranty. This is a very complementing set of furniture that goes with your entire outdoor wicker or wrought iron furniture.

3. Blue Rhino GAD 860SP LP Gas Outdoor Fire Bowl

If you do not want to haul up wood and clean up the ashes, this gas propelled fire pit is ideal for you. If you are a very social person and have large gatherings, this huge fire table with slate mantel and cast iron burner gives you the classic antique look while enjoying the benefits of a gas fire pit. Installing this fire pit forms a stunning centerpiece in your outdoors.

4. Camp Chef Redwood Portable Propane Fire Pit

If you are an adventurous group choosing out unexplored places for vacations, the Redwood portable fire pit is ideal to be carried as part of your camping equipment. By adding a grill, it also doubles up as a cooking medium. The auto ignition facility is an add on bonus.

With the huge selection available in fire pits, you can definitely find one that matches your décor and need.

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