Fashion For Fall

Okay my fellow Fashionites, we are going to call this issue of Fashion – Weather Wearables! Living in Indiana we can dramatic changes of weather in a weeks time. As I am writing this, it is 50 degrees and sunny. Yet tomorrow they are calling for 76 degree weather. Go figure. Knowing that there are places that experience these same shifts in temperature I’m sure many of you have seen these Fashion Flubs!

People who wear shorts and long winter coats. Okay, let’s make up our mind here. Do we want to dress for summer or winter? It looks confusing to do both. If you still want to wear shorts to work because it might be warmer inside, but it’s too cold outside, wear nice walking shorts with opaque hose or tights. Otherwise wear a lighter weight pants or skirt. If it’s too cold outside to wear anything but a heavy wool coat, it’s time to put all your summer clothes away and break out your boxes of winter clothes. So if you notice yourself mixing your clothes from two seasons, then you need to change something!

Ladies, please pay attention to this Fashion Flub! This one is quite common. It’s cold outside and you are wearing your heavy opaque hose or tights. Now let’s make sure that your footwear matches. This means no strappy summer shoes! If you can’t see through your hosiery, then you shouldn’t be able to see through your shoes. Not to mention many opaque hose or tights will get all bunched up around the straps or toes. This also goes for open toed shoes. Don’t wear them in the colder months with opaque hose or rights. Be sure to wear appropriate footwear for the season.

Even though the weather is turning cooler and we are wearing more layers of clothing, that is no excuse for being unfashionable – or worse yet, a Fashion Flub!!

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