Are Jumpers Right for the Office?

Jumpers and other comfortable sweaters are not known to flatter at the office. They are typically ill-fitting and oversized, and beyond not looking professional, they usually simply don’t look very fashionable or flatter many body types. This doesn’t mean, though, that there are not any jumpers out on the market that can be dressed up for the office. You simply have to find the right one. For a jumper to be ready for the office or professional work environment, there are several things to consider. Does the sweater fit well? Sweaters that are boxy or too long usually do not complement most shapes. They end up looking frumpy and old, and they do nothing for any figures, no matter what body type. The sleeves are also very important. It is nearly impossible to appear and feel professional when your sleeves are too long and you constantly have to pull them up.

Another question to ask yourself is, does the sweater work well with slacks? Most sweaters aren’t meant to be paired with anything other than jeans or casual trousers. Often, oversized tops can look awkward with slacks, because it’s a clash of the casual with the professional. Finally, does the sweater state? There’s no point wearing a sweater to the office unless it makes a good fashion statement. Otherwise, you’re simply putting comfort over professionalism. The Velvet Sleeves Jumper meets all of these criteria. This cotton-blend jumper is tailored to the body. It isn’t too long and instead falls right to the hips, where the ribbed hem hugs your curves and allows for a very tailored look. This also allows the jumper to pair well with slacks, either tucked in or left out. The medium-length, wide ribbed sleeves not only keep it professional, but the ribbing also allows for the sleeve from the shoulder to the elbow to be fuller, thereby covering up any unflattering aspects of your arms. In other words, there’s no need to worry about whether you have celebrity-toned triceps. The wide scoop neck elongates the neck and makes for a very career-friendly look, especially when the hair is pulled back into a low bun or sleek ponytail. What is truly great about this piece is the velvet material on the sleeves. This is the fashion statement that really stands out and takes what would be a typical jumper to the next level.

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